Friday, February 13, 2015

Beautiful Beach Wedding!

Beach weddings are popular around Baja Ca Sur of course. 
Lots of beautiful places to have a ceremony, if it is not too windy. 
You never know what kind of sunset and light you will have however!
As a photographer you learn to make the best out of what the day has to offer. 
A beach walk after the ceremony is a good way to get some sweet images.
This ceremony had a ring around the sun just before the ending kiss.  
And then a pastel sunset with wispy clouds was a welcomed sight. 
 Lovely couple!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Timeless Bride at Rancho Pescadero

I'm partial to lace and traditional beauty. Rachel, whom I photographed last weekend looked 
as if she could be from any era and still be gorgeous with a timeless beauty. Also fun 
and romantic, we had a good time photographing at Rancho Pescadero!

slide show:
(adjust volume and brightness)

Wedding at Sunset, Rancho Pescadero

It was pouring rain and we even had lightening a few days leading up to this wedding. 
It happily cleared up 'right before' Saturday afternoon so the beach wedding was on!
The sunset had the most interesting clouds, more pink and blue than normal.
Baja is know for fiery reds and orange sunsets and its purple mountains at dusk. 
So we were lucky to have puffy clouds and warm weather to help celebrate with 
Rachel and Dan's happiness!

slide show of wedding
(adjust volume down and brightness as needed)