Sunday, April 18, 2010

French Portfolio Prints


New print editions of the French Portfolio Series will become available soon. This project started several years back when I was shooting film (with a 6x7 Pentax medium format camera) and living in a small village an hour northeast of Paris. Pierrefonds was the name of the village, a sweet place with an ancient castle, a forest and lake. Though caring for my two small children, I managed time (when they were at school) to photograph, build a darkroom and spend long hours processing and printing. Greatly inspired during this time I produced images for three solo exhibitions in one year! Now the work is digitizing images and printing them with archival inks and paper (GicleƩ) and I quite like the result. Hope to have a online gallery ready in the next few weeks. The first of these "Woman of Light" and "Swan" are available now. Other images will be available soon. Please see the "Artist Statement" below. If interested please email me for more information:
Thank you!


In this photographic work I am interested in making visual images that are not literal or documentary, but emphasize the feeling of memory, or perhaps how our imagination “imprints” or views a particular place. There is a classic element in these impressions, you may notice a feeling of old Europe. Certainly many places in France have a special presence about them and history. There is a mystery surrounding the many ancient fragments of these countries. Inspired by that mystery, and by the essence and beauty of these sites, I continue my interaction with them through photographic images. It makes me wonder, what has been lost, what has been retained?