Thursday, September 24, 2009

Green Wedding Tips

Here are quick tips to help make your day beautiful,meaningful and better for the environment.

1. Serve local, seasonal foods, organic if possible.
2. Look at rings made from recycled gold and antique diamonds.
3. Get married in a location close to the majority of guests (to reduce travel).
4. Wear a family member or friend's gown, buy one from a vintage shop.
5. Let your bridesmaids choose something they can wear again.
6. Use locally grown flowers. Natural party favors (like seed packets).

7. Make your own invitations or buy them made of recycled paper.
8. Register for green gifts, experiences or charitable donations in your honor.
9. Take your honeymoon locally or go on an eco-tour.
10. See more ways to be green on your big day. To find advice, pictures from real green weddings and links to eco-friendly products visit
11. "The Green Bride Guide" is a good book/resource for anyone interested in planning a green wedding.