Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free Engagement session with Wedding Package

Many couples love photojournalistic style for the big day but of course still want dedicated time for intimate portraits together. In fitting with that philosophy, all engagement sessions are on-location. We will work together to brainstorm a handful of portrait ideas – the place you met, a favorite coffee shop, or something you love to do together – culminating in an hour photography session, with selects posted in a web gallery within 10 days. If you have questions, please contact

Gold Mining in Ghana

The Money Stone: gold mining in Ghana

Something to think about when shopping for wedding rings.
Filmmaker Stuart Harmon has come out with a feature-length documentary on gold miners in Ghana, or "galamseys." The Money Stone exposes the dangers of a trade plagued by poor governmental regulation, lack of technology and safety standards, and environmental destruction. It is estimated that nearly one-quarter of the world's gold comes from small-scale mines like those in Ghana.

The film is now in post-production – visit their site to watch the trailer, see pictures and read more. As visual artists, we appreciate the compelling imagery of The Money Stone. As socially conscious business people – we're not perfect, but we're getting better – we appreciate Harmon's efforts to put the gold mining industry under the microscope.

Consider buying your wedding rings and other wedding gems from a jewelry company that uses conflict-free materials. The Responsible Jewellry Council offers a list of member companies on its site.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

West Marin and Sonoma

I am fortunate to live near a amazingly beautiful stretch of California coast line. Even after all these years I'm still am touched by it. I go for refuge into rural areas, rounded hills and valleys, wild marshes and sea cliffs to walk, contemplate and recharge. Sometimes I take my camera!

Child Photography - Tips and Tricks

Tips for Child Photography 

1. Look for special moments.  Moments that happen naturally (without having to stop, smile and look at the camera feeling self conscious) allow for precious images with less stress. Kids having fun or discovering something new is a good time to have your camera handy. Move yourself into a good position, try and get down lower if the child is small especially. Having a long lens (or telephoto zoom option) and a fast shutter speed/ISO help to keep things sharp if they are moving!

2. Focus on a main feature.  They say the "eyes are the windows to the soul" for a reason. The eyes in sharp focus usually make a good photograph even if all else is soft. Be sure to have enough light so a small twinkle will reflect in the eyes. Simplifying the background (if possible) of clutter often makes for a better composition. If the focus is on the environment use a wider lens.

3. Good light.  Good photographic light is usually reflected from a main source. Window light or standing just inside a overhang will soften harsh light from the mid day sun. Be careful about photographing in bright sun as it can result in squinty eyes, and the overhead noon sun often creates dark circles. Try using a flash in outdoor shade as it helps fill in light and separate the subject from the background.

4. Patience is a great virtue.  Joking and playing around puts kids in a good mood for taking pictures. Better not to force it, just wait for the right moment to come. If you are relaxed they are happier also. Sometimes showing kids the pictures (on the back of the screen) gives them ideas so they want to do more. Loving attention and/or little treats can go a long way to making a child open up and be comfortable in front of the camera. 


I am excited to be starting a blog finally! I've lots of interesting ideas to share with folks and new photography images as well. Wedding photography is only part of the work I do, good portraiture has always been key, but I also enjoy doing black and white fine art photography. I hope to have a section on fine art photography, photographic tips and tricks, travel, photojournalism, inspirational images, personal accounts/musings and all kinds of resources! I'm working on several book projects I'd like to share in the future. To see more information about my weddings and commercial work go to  Invite your friends and thanks for stopping by!