Saturday, April 28, 2018

Photographing Art in Todos Santos

Cassidy leads the art tour...

New Oil Painting by Ann Hebebrand

A Working Studio 

Over the last three decades Anne Hebebrand's paintings have radiated vibrant color, merging abstraction and imagery from nature. Rich and seductive, her paintings are layered in in a variety of overlapping forms and textures. Working in a variety of media Anne explores painting through experimentation and innovative ways of applying paint. Trusting the creative process and following her intuition she explores the connection between the natural world and herself.

Mother & Daughter

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Beautiful Bride in Cabo

Mary Lou was willing to play around a bit for some fun shots before the ceremony. 
Having some modeling experience helped make the time move quickly.
She reminds me of an movie star from the past in black and white.
It was a Cabo resort wedding by the beach.
Lots of good spots to photograph!

... And of course a sunset walk on along the beach!

Yoga Girl

January 2018 in BCS
Dancers Pose

Lisa studied Yoga in India for a half year in a serious 
program to learn the deeper reasons for doing yoga.
A way of life for better harmony in balancing the elements.
Diet, food, physical wellness, meditation & wholesome living.

Cookbook Cover

I'm not a specialist in food photography, but find it fun. Using a creative approach based on years of experience creates a feeling of attraction and interest, rather than glossy studio shots. Recently had an opportunity to help out a friend with an authentic Mexican food cookbook. We narrowed the images down to this one for a cover. Kinda of Rustic Chic, and something to make and savor with friends!